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Aaron Berkowitz, MD

Director of Global Health & Professor of Neurology @kpmedschool , Advisor to @PIH @MSF , Author of One by One by One, Former @BrighamWomens @HarvardMed- View our his catalogued Medtweetorials

Ted W. James, MD MSc

#DistanceMedEd | Husband | Incoming advanced endoscopy @mayoclinic | Gastroenterology @uncgastro | Internal Medicine @JohnsHopkins | MD @MUSC_COM | MSc @UNCpublichealth bit.ly/325ujK1

View his entire collection of #MedTweetorials here

Rabih Geha, MD

Internist @SFVA + @UCSF via @BrownMedicine. Host & team member @CPSolvers.

View his entire collection of #MedTweetorials here

@UCCancerCenter fellow. @hdx editor. @NorthwesternU & @Mumedicine alum, former @NU_IntMed resident/chief. tweets = mine. RT ≠ endorsement. Him/his #leusm#mpnsm

View his entire collection of #MedTweetorials here

Anand Patel, MD

Medical Student @PennMedicine丨Research @DanaFarber#LindsleyLab 丨Contributor @runthelistpod 丨Tweets for Clinical Reasoning ≠ Med Advice丨

View his entire collection of #MedTweetorials here

H. Moses Murdock

Doctor, mom, wife, blogger, writer, teacher, thinker, doer, believer, laugher, live-er, lover. ‘Bout that #DEI, #MedEd, #medhum, & #GIM life. Tweets mine. #she

View the collection of her #MedTweetorials here

Kimberly Manning, MD

David Steensma

Hematologist-oncologist in Boston, focused on clinical research and care of patients with myeloid neoplasms and marrow failure.

View his entire collection of #Medtweetorials here

Saman Nematollahi

Fellow @JohnsHopkinsDOM#MEHP Fellow 

@JHUeducation. Team member @CPSolvers. Husband and father.

View his #Medtweetorial Collection here

Lindsey Fitzharris, PhD

Storyteller. Medical historian (Oxford, PhD). Conveyor of nightmarish history. Author: THE BUTCHERING ART. Host: @SmithsonianChan‘s

CURIOUS LIFE AND DEATH OF…United Kingdom. drlindseyfitzharris.com

View her #Medtweetorial Collection here

Prof Darrel Francis

Cardiologist, Scientist. I separate taking my work seriously (I do) vs myself seriously (I don’t) Ideas my own (best ones stolen from my amazing PhD students).

View his entire #Medtweetorial collection here

Andrea Boggild, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto // Medical Director, Tropical Disease Unit, Toronto General Hospital. boggildlab.ca

View her #MedTweetorial collection here

Arjun Arya, MD, MSc.

PGY1 EM @HennepinHC | #FOAMed | dad jokes | diversity | leadership | always a work in progress

View his #MedTweetorial collection here

Zaven Sargsyan, MD

Internist, educator at Baylor College of Medicine. Alum @BCMHouston and @MGHMedicine. Tweets about medicine and language.

View his #MedTweetorial collection here

Avraham Z. Cooper, MD

Pulm/Crit physician and APD @osuwexmed@JournalofGME editor • @atsmeded social media • bibliophile • husband/dad •

Check out his entire #MedTweetorial collection here.

Joel Topf, MD

Saying the product of the kidneys is urine is like saying the product of a factory is pollution. Urine is a by-product. The product is homeostasis. http://pbfluids.com/tag/tweetorial/

Check out his blog here and his collection of MedTweetorials here

Eliot Tapper, MD

Caring for patients with liver disease @michiganliver and the VA; #cirrhosis; hepatic encephalopathy; frailty; optimal testing; father; husband. #livertwitter

Check out his entire #MedTweetorial collection here

Tony Breu, MD

Hospitalist and Director of Resident Education, VA Boston. Faculty, @HMSbioethics. Mets fan. Usually at #AMreport and thinking about #TWDFNR.

Check out his entire #Medtweetorial Collection here

Avital O’Glasser, MD

Hospitalist, PreOp Clinic Medical Director, Assistant PD @OHSUIMRes, @ACPinternists#CECP.

View her entire #MedTweetorial collection here.

Aisha Shaikh, MD

Division Chief, Nephrology @ VA| Nephrologist @ISMMSKidney| Interventional Nephrologist| Tweets & RTs are not medical advice|

View her entire #MedTweetorial collection here

Steven Chen, MD

Dermatologist/internist at #MGH – interest in complex/onco #dermatology & #MedEd | #Harvard Derm APD | Father | Husband | Karaoke enthusiast. Tweets are my own.

View his entire #MedTweetorial collection here

David Harker, MD

Dermatology resident | Husband | Father | Canadian | @BYU & #UTSW alum | @VisualDx Advisory Board | Tweets are mine and are not medical advice.

View his entire #MedTweetorial collection here

Shematologist, MD

Pediatric hematologist/oncologist, faculty and APD @umich PHO, mother, wife, daughter, sister, dreamer, pacifist. (she/her/hers)

View her entire #MedTweetorial collection here

Adam Rodman, MD

Internal medicine physician, medical educator, and host of @BedsideRounds, medical history podcast produced in partnership with @ACPInternists.

View his entire #MedTweetorial collection here

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